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Monte Carlo or Bust




Wednesday 30th November 2016.
Thanks to the many who have shown interest and made contact about this fine car, which is about to be collected by it's new owner for restoration.

Monday 28th November 2016. More Photos Added.
Free to good home Princess 1.8 HL 1977. (ideal for restoration).

We have received an urgent request to find a new home for this Princess 1.8 HL which has been resting in the chicken coupe shown above since January 1990, but due to an upcoming land-sale, is about to loose its shelter. The car is based close by Kidderminster - Worcestershire. Your help with this urgent request would save it from the breakers yard.  

For more information, please email the club to prinamboc@btinternet.com   







29th October 2016.
Date for the Pride of Longbridge Rally 2017. .

The date hasn't been confirmed yet (via officials) but it is the 15th April from 10 am. Time to org yourselves, we will be putting group booking forms together which will be available January this is Following people's feedback. A Marshall for each group is a must it worked as a main contact last year we will do it again for 2017. Thank you to those who have committed too volunteering for POL already

                           Easter Saturday ?


Saturday 22nd October 2016.




Now in the care of Club member Eric Dalton, and on-route to Montrose, Angus, Scotland.


Wednesday October 5th 2016


Interesting Ambassador item by James Walshe November / December 2016 editions, Practical Classics - journeying to the 25th Swiss Classic British Car Exhibition - Saturday 1st October in Morges.




   Club Members Visit - September 18th, 2016.  


The largest collection of
British road transport in the world
Admission Free!


Good to meet club members
Chris and Claire Tuck from Tamworth,
Terry and Daphne Miller from Spalding,
David Cooper from Northampton,
Phil Parker - also from Tamworth,
and Jim Inshaw from Solihull.

 Photographs taken by club members after a great club get-together today.
Just one Wedge on the museum car park - no worries!   Our thanks to many members present in support.







Thursday 11th August 2016.(Photos and words thanks to Tanya Field).

Ray Coles Princess on display at Templars Square Shopping Centre, Oxford..


This morning has been a Princess morning with visitors recalling their Princess stories, both working on them at Cowley and of owning them.

The first photo is of Bob who accompanied the Wimbledon Princesses on their duties at Wimbledon and so long as the Princesses were behaving, he could watch the tennis. He told me that the models driving the Princesses with the players would hoot their horns to get the crowds to move, but the neighbours complained so they were told to rev their engines instead. The only problem was the Princesses were automatic and the models would end up driving into the Princess in front of them! This meant that Bob had to return to Cowley to collect a load of bumpers.

The second photo is of Neil who is from New Zealand and learned to drive over there in a Princess. He was delighted to see Ray's as part of the display.