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Monte Carlo or Bust

Wednesday 15th March..
Hyrdrolastic suspension fluid is no longer stocked by many local car spares stockists.
Best to be sure you have enough before starting your suspension job.

Sunday 12th March 2017.
More photos added.
Our thanks to Practical Classics Magazine for allowing us to show these great
photos from PC photographer Matt Howell, and article editor - James Walshe.

  July 2016 - on the move - first time since 1991.

  MOT Day - 14th September 2016.

  On its way to the 25th Swiss Annual British Car Display being held at Morges on 1st October  2016.

  Four exhibitors and cars posing for photographs near the top of a Swiss Alpine mountain pass.

  James Ambassador seen close by the top of the fourth highest Swiss Alpine mountain pass.

   And the following day - descending!

On display by Lake Geneva October 1st 2017.

She was the star of the festival 1500 cars in total.   

Swiss Enthusiasts were swarming around the car all day.


 On October 22nd 2016, Scottish Club Member Eric Dalton took possession of this great Ambassador.

     Eric's newly acquired Ambassador seen alongside the Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh.


Monday 16th January 2017.
                Kidderminster Princess en route to the Isle of Wight for restoration.
Moved today to it's new home on the Isle of Wight.

Thanks to the many who have shown interest and made contact about this fine car,
which today has been moved to it's new home in the Isle of Wight for restoration.

Monday 28th November 2016. More Photos Added.
Free to good home Princess 1.8 HL 1977. (ideal for restoration).

  We have received an urgent request to find a new home for this Princess 1.8 HL which has been resting in the chicken coupe shown above since January 1990, but due to an upcoming land-sale, is about to loose its shelter. The car is based close by Kidderminster - Worcestershire. Your help with this urgent request would save it from the breakers yard.  
For more information, please email the club to